New refund process on

A new refund process has been implemented on

Now each asker gets refunded automatically if there were no answers and if none of the answers were helpful. If there were some helpful answer the refund will work as following:

  • The asker requests a refund. He/she can specify what % of the entire amount is needed (up to 100%) and how much will stay in the community.
  • The status for the question is set to voting and all experts vote just like they normally would. They have 24 hours to do so.
  • The experts get notified that an asker requested a refund. Each expert can agree or disagree to give us his or her share. Again 24 hours are given.
  • The asker then gets notified about the results of the voting process. The asker can agree to the voting decision and the refund gets issued or disagree in which case the site’s administration will get involved to resolve the refund claim.
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