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Minimum questions of $1? And other experiments

According to Google Analytics, traffic to WP Questions continues to slowly grow. Sadly, in terms of money, the site has seen a slight decline over the last 6 months: I’ve been thinking about what might make this site successful. There … Continue reading

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Some charts of site activity and money

How many winners per week? How much money per week? How many refunds per week? These are good questions. And we’ve been flying blind for too long. We You highly another cheapest viagra australia away in painful second meant … Continue reading

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WP Questions has 5,000 members

As far as WordPress sites goes, WP Questions remains a small site. Some WordPress sites have 10s of thousands of members. All the same, WP Questions has a vitality that earns it a good reputation, and people continue to join. … Continue reading

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Our donations program will soon be controlled by voting

We are changing the way we give money to developers. Since this site began, we have had a donations program through which we gave money to various themes and plugin developers: This program never amounted to huge money, but we … Continue reading

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Experimenting with different listing fees

We’ve been experimenting with the listing fees that we charge on WP Questions. PayPal charges us .30 cents plus 5% on every transaction. When the site started, we charged .60 cents and 6%, but we soon realized we could not … Continue reading

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A big thank you to Andrzej Zglobica

I’d like to say thank you to Andrzej Zglobica, who donated $12 to Javascript Questions. This was a pure donation to the community, which does a great deal to help the community. His $12 goes into the Community Pot and … Continue reading

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