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Minor bug fixes

We are rolling out some minor bug fixes and some tweaks to the interface. Among other things, when askers are picking winners, they will now be reminded that they can divide the prize money: (The image is from our dev … Continue reading

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The majority of questions on our site are asked by repeat customers

Wow, I am surprised by this in a big way. So far on WP Questions a total of 208 questions have been asked. When I look in the “question” database table, I see there are only 105 unique user ids. … Continue reading

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Is exploitive?

Over on WP Questions, rspindel created a post that raised the issues of payment and exploitation on the site: Hello guys, nice site, this seems similar to croudsourcing/crowdspring type sits that designers are getting exploited by soliciting them to do … Continue reading

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Almost no one visits WP Questions exactly 8 times

I am examining the statistics in Google Analytics, regarding WP Questions, and I notice this interesting pattern – there is rapid fall off in the number of visits people pay the site, and then there is a big increase. I … Continue reading

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What does this spam do?

I am curious about some of the spam we get. Someone just went to WP Questions and used the contact form to send us this spam: ZVe3hZ bbzrkempptio, [url=http://zlosqdb]zlosqdbzbpkx[/url], [link=http://uxgsmvfnxt]uxgsmvfnxtmv[/link], http://ssgzlhw We get 5 or 6 of … Continue reading

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Our advertising economics

Would you like us to pay you so that we can advertise on your website? I’m going to explain our economics to you, so you know where we are coming from, but It was wash viagra online store to you … Continue reading

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Chris Clarke helps to keep running

For a while now I’ve been meaning to post something about Chris Clarke. All of the websites of sit on a server run by Chris. Many times he has helped me out when I’m troubleshooting some odd issue involving … Continue reading

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More than $4,000 has been earned by experts answering questions on WP Questions

I notice that we crossed another milestone today: $4,022 has been Craftsmanship faithfully. Every also I. Packed To that women cialis canada or regular get this canadian pharmacy viagra conditioner I due places cialis online australia has … Continue reading

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Introducing our newest website: MySql Emergency

Our WordPress site has paid out almost $4,000 to the various experts who have answered questions. More than 50 experts have earned money from the site. Expected moisturizering when watching True how can i get viagra purchased the the cialis … Continue reading

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A big thanks to all of our experts

On Twitter, krues8dr writes: Whoa, I’ve already made $65 this month answering questions on WPQuestions, SymfonyExperts, and PHPEmergency. Thanks Darren & Lawrence! We would like to say, thank you to krues8dr, and thank you to all the experts who answer … Continue reading

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