About Codewise

What is It?

CodeWise is the umbrella for expertise sites like WPQuestions and Symfony Experts. The goal for is to match up skilled consultants with users who need quick answers. Consultants can also build their reputation as “Top Experts” and maintain a public profile.

CodeWise sites are maintained at separate URLS to keep those niche communities focused, but developers interested in all disciplines can also browse the CodeWise homepage for an aggregated view. Codewi.se was built using the Accumulo aggregator theme for WordPress.

Who is It?

CodeWise sites are the work of Lawrence Krubner and Darren Hoyt. Lawrence is an experienced PHP developer who blogs at Smash Company. Darren is a designer who blogs at his own site and manages his own digital products.

Both Lawrence and Darren wanted to create a platform where quick professional help (“micro-consulting”) could be obtained quickly without a formal, extended contract. Let them know if you have questions about the site.