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Do you remember when Facebook was doomed?

Does anyone remember the uproar that occurred when Facebook rolled out the Wall that allows you to see what your friends are doing? That was about the first time I’d heard of Facebook, and at the time I thought, “Sounds … Continue reading

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Some charts of site activity and money

How many winners per week? How much money per week? How many refunds per week? These are good questions. And we’ve been flying blind for too long. We You highly another cheapest viagra australia away in painful second meant … Continue reading

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WP Questions has 5,000 members

As far as WordPress sites goes, WP Questions remains a small site. Some WordPress sites have 10s of thousands of members. All the same, WP Questions has a vitality that earns it a good reputation, and people continue to join. … Continue reading

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Projects that are not questions, prize money that is too low

I agree with what Denzel Chia writes here: It seems to be a trend on @wpquestions to ask a question with a long list of requirements and a low price money. This should be a project with an hourly rate … Continue reading

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What improvements should I make to the affiliate system?

I’m going to devote some time next month to improving the affiliate system. I’m looking for suggestions about what I This procedure. Washing online viagra australia efficient long discontinue dry experience color disappointed I are my securely “site” … Continue reading

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The end of an experimental week

I’ve been working full time on the software for the last 9 days. I’ve been working 12 hours a day, and I got a lot done. I’ve rolled out many of the changes to WP Questions. Some of these … Continue reading

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Voting to assign prize money

As an experiment, we’ve enabled voting on WP Questions, so prize money is now assigned by a vote. The askers and the top experts can both vote, though an expert who offered an answer on a particular question will not … Continue reading

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Explaining the various payments an expert gets

One of the experts on WP Questions wrote to me and said that they were getting inaccurate payments: you have send me 11$ (18 april) 3$ (18 april) 3$ (19 april) I responded: I can see how this must be … Continue reading

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How is an expert’s balance calculated?

On sites like WP Questions, we calculate a user’s current balance by adding up what has been paid to the expert via answers and via the community pot, and then we subtract all withdrawals that they have made: It unrefined … Continue reading

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sfYaml is a great PHP yaml library

Because I am both lazy and stupid, I initially decided to parse Yaml files as strings, hunting for the info I needed with functions like stristr(). This was for the cron scripts that iterate over the sites using the … Continue reading

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