I need your opinion

We are working on our service, to allow everyone to use the software that powers the WPQuestions.com site. We are considering 2 names for this

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Which of these 2 names do you prefer?

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4 Responses to I need your opinion

  1. Galen Gidman says:

    Ah, QuestionFarmer.com is far better than the other. Go with that for sure.

  2. I agree with Galen, QuestionFarmer.com is much better.

  3. Lawrence Krubner says:

    Interesting. So far the feedback I’ve gotten has been split 50/50. Some say “QuestionFarmer” makes them think of spam farms and content farms. Others say that tailormadeanswers is too long and too hard to spell.

  4. allen botello says:

    I think that questionfarmer is the best. I just misspelled tailor as tailer. Anyways, where are things at for this release? I see your info at questionfarmer.com but your link for registering is not working and the info available is limited. Are you still moving forward?

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